About IHS


About IHS

The International Humanitarian Society is a charitable organization based in Edmonton, Canada.


We believe in our agents and we seek to support their unique goals. IHS oversees the funding platform for financial backing and provides guidance and counsel for each agent.


IHS supports individuals and projects that are socially minded and work to aid people around the world by meeting their needs with practical approaches.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible in a wide variety of ways.  We have been a Registered Charity in Canada and the United States for over thirty years. Our agents are carefully selected to be committed, passionate individuals who are actively engaged in their work.

Core Beliefs

  • Supporting innovative humanitarian projects
  • Collaboration with the communities in which we work
  • Authentic relationships
  • Ethical governance







A letter from the President

Over the years we have seen thousands of people helped in Africa to receive financial support that feeds their families, homes have been built and abused children have been rescued.   In the Ukraine we are working to build a network of homes for street and orphaned children, we have already placed three children in a permanent home with loving parents and our goal is to have multiple homes with 10 children per owned household.   In northern Africa we are training and equipping leaders as well as transforming the lives of women by meeting their needs and providing jobs.  In Rwanda our agents are training the locals in a trade to enable them to provide for themselves and their families.  In Edmonton and the surrounding areas we work to help those struggling emotionally, spiritually and physically.  

Our agents counsel, teach, guide and direct people struggling in any and all aspects of their lives to the best of their ability. 

We are concerned about the person as a whole, not neglecting their basic needs while helping to cope with the emotional highs and lows that life can bring.  Our goal is to be a comfort in times of trouble and encourage people at their lowest point.  

If you find a hungry man feed him, if you find a thirsty man give him a drink, if you find a broken man help him up and always let love be your motivating factor. 

Our deepest gratitude to all our workers and those who support this organization. Thank you for your belief in this work.

Our commitment to use the funds given to these works in an upright manner remains,  I.H.S. uses 10% for administration cost and 90% goes into the field. We keep the funds that are not used for accounting fees and operating costs to build a savings account that can help our workers when emergencies arise. I.H.S. strives to be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to our care.

“To whom much is given, much is required.”

Jenny Mernickle, President