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“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community” -Dorothy Day



The Friends of Bandipur Collective is working to make life better for 13 orphaned or abandoned Children in Bandipur, Nepal. We provide encouragement and support to the Bandipur Children’s Home, working to give these kids a safe and supportive community. We work hard to maintain transparency and accountability with the home leadership, so the children can grow in an environment that supports them in all capacities.



In 2008, we got married and went backpacking in Asia. In Nepal, we came upon a beautiful little heritage town named Bandipur. We felt a connection to this town right away. The connection was so strong, Marcie said to Carmen, “I feel like we’ve been here we will come back when we have children and bring them here.” While we were walking in the town, a Nepalese woman who calls herself Christina called out to us while she was washing her clothes at the stream. She asked us a few questions, and soon we met her husband Dipak. It didn’t take long to realize that we all shared very similar beliefs about life and Jesus Christ, and a vision was realized. This vision was to create a small scale, home like environment for orphaned and abandoned children. Marcie and Carmen returned to Canada, and with the support of Canadian donors, construction began on the home in 2010, and it opened in 2012 with four young children.



2012: The home under construction

2012: The home under construction

Today, in close communication with Marcie and Carmen, Christina and Dipak continue to diligently run the home. Realizing the vast responsibilities of maintaining a Children’s home from across the world, Marcie and Carmen reached out to trusted friends and family to help continue the dream of helping this community flourish, and that group is known as the Friends of Bandipur Collective.

Our children at the Bandipur Children’s Home have the chance to grow up in a safe, happy family, and receive a great education. In recent years the Nepalese government has completed a local audit, and was very happy with the standards of care at the Bandipur Children’s home. Dipak and Christina lovingly care for the Children while abiding by the laws of the Government. The light that shines in their heart is the cornerstone of the home.


2018: Girl’s morning out

2018: Girl’s morning out


Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, and housing for orphaned children is greatly needed. The earthquake in 2015 created an even higher demand for safe homes, since many children who are orphaned in Nepal face human trafficking, become child labourers, or are kept as servants. Many children, especially young girls, are not allowed to attend school or leave the property, and must cook, clean, and work the fields every day.



Our vision is to continue to see the children raised in a healthy, home-like environment, with access to adequate nutrition, optimal education, and a safe space to call their own. The home works closely with the local Nepalese authorities and is a licensed non-profit in Nepal. We strive to provide an exemplary level of care to children who deeply need it, giving them a fresh start and new opportunities to grow and flourish.  

The whole crew: a family made from the dream of sharing God’s love. May 2018 visit with   Marcie, Carmen, and their Children Spencer and Zoe.

The whole crew: a family made from the dream of sharing God’s love.
May 2018 visit with
Marcie, Carmen, and their Children Spencer and Zoe.

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