Leanne & Arkadiy - Ukraine


Leanne and Arkadiy's vision is to provide a safe and loving environment for as many foster children as the Ukraine government will allow.  They currently have three foster children, but when they purchase their own home they can foster as many as 10 kids. Once they have 10 children they plan to help other couples, with the same heart, to do the same thing.


Their compassion for the street children keeps them involved with the government run orphanages.

Leanne also teaches parenting classes and helps the mothers involved to find ways to earn an income from home. She has provided cake pans, sewing supplies, food and clothes for families that are struggling financially.

Leanne has a mother's heart for children who are not her own and works with all her might to help in every way she can. Arkadiy shares the same vision for children and together they are changing lives...one precious child at a time.

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