Gail - Northern Africa

a message from Gail

I feel that God has called me to this adventure from a very young age. He had a plan for my life which I almost missed but He is so faithful. He waited for me to hear that still small voice and to acknowledge the gifts that He had given to me to do His will. Then He guided me in His direction and equipped me with the spirit of adventure so that I would be able to serve Him in this area.

I was raised in a loving Christian family but I had never really learned to acknowledge God's daily interest in my life. As a result of not consulting God, I made many bad decisions for my life. The results were drastic and I found my life in ruins!!! AND God was there. God had always been there and had been drawing me to Him. My personal relationship with God, by this time, had grown much stronger, so as the rest of my life came crashing to a halt I had only to lean on Him! I was a first generation Canadian and had begun to study languages at university as a teen out of high school. God had put this desire in my heart. Now at this turning point of my life, I was still interested in continuing my education so I enrolled in Linguistics and dropped out of my life as I knew it by then. I had always loved to study and I was naturally interested in English as a Second/Foreign Language so I majored in that.

As I finished my education, I realized that I wanted to leave home totally as the traveling bug that I was born with was still very much a part of me. I looked for teaching English opportunities and God laid one in my lap! I had the wonderful experience of serving him in Asia. The group needed a person with some knowledge of running a small business and an English teacher. It was an opportunity made for me and I really feel that God was totally my rock while I was there.

As the assignment came to an end, I got a call from Northern Africa which was unbelievable. I had been to that continent and had loved it so I was willing to make the transition if God was in it. It took two years back home getting ready for the move but God was faithful to fill all my needs! I have been here for about six years and I am blessed with ministry, work, friends and family. God has been so good to me.

I am also blessed with so many people in my life who are praying and supporting me. If you are interested in joining in my support, I would be thankful for any prayer or gift that you offer for His work to continue in Northern Africa.

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