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Living in Rwanda, Craig and Ruthie Fehr are partnering with local Rwandans who have a passion to love and care for the people of their own country. Craig and Ruthie believe that ‘missions’ should be holistic in its intent, affecting every part of people’s lives.



Craig is using his expertise and experience in plumbing to train young men. We are working with a local Rwandan organization (Vida) that works with vulnerable young people (street kids and prostitutes). This training is equipping them to earn a living for themselves and their families which they are unable to do otherwise. Being able to provide for their families increases their self worth and gives them confidence to try to do something for themselves. Working alongside of them regularly also offers the opportunity for daily discipleship.

A key partnership is with a close friend Emmanuel who is working with other young street kids. Emmanuel has met with these kids for the past 3 years and in December 2010, 10 kids moved off the street & into a home! (House of Hope) This is Emmanuel’s vision and passion; Craig and Ruthie’s ministry role is to empower him and offer support. They help with fundraising and all donations to this work can also be receipted.

Craig and Ruthie's children have adjusted well to living together in a home, following rules, and attending school. They have also started to reach back to other vulnerable children and to the community through drama and dance.



As Craig and Ruthie get to know people better, there has also been more opportunities for lay counseling. Because of the horrific genocide in 1994, many individuals here have awful stories of survival hidden in their hearts. Craig and Ruthie have spent time with individuals and gained their trust over time, and these people have been willing to share their stories with them. Many people seem to want someone to trust that will listen and love them. 

Ruthie is busy caring for their children who are busy and active, and a significant part of ministry in Rwanda as well. Families and children are very important in Rwandan culture and people are thrilled to hear their daughter's middle name, Kamugisha, which means ‘she will bring a blessing’ in Kinyarwanda. This opens up more opportunities for getting to know people. Ruthie also plans to use her nursing background more to help out medically as she is able. They also open up their home for times of fellowship and community with Rwandans and other expats.

Life in Africa is unpredictable and you never can know what each day will hold. Adaptation to change is an essential skill to live in a foreign country especially a developing one.

Ruthie giving a health talk

Ruthie giving a health talk


"Love your neighbor as yourself.”

It may not look the same from day to day or even from person to person, but in the end, people need love.

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