2014 in review!

A year of growth

 This year has been extremely challenging with several health issues for myself, Gloria, Lina and Murray, financial cut-backs, delayed projects and visa delays that affected many other parts of my life and the work we do.  But through it all, I’ve learned that my faith is in WHO God is and not what He can do for me. That’s what gave me true peace. If I can truly believe in His character, His faithfulness, His love, His vision, then I don’t have to make anything happen, I just wait on Him, continue to do what I feel He is telling me to do, and watch and see what He is going to do next.  
  I feel like I am on stronger foundation. God has been so encouraging through my most difficult times.  The same day I was coming back from an unbelievably challenging day of 6hrs in the queue with Home Affairs and the Police Station, and still not receiving my visa, someone said that God told them to GIVE ME a brand new i-phone!!  When I found out that I was half deaf and a hearing aid was going to cost $1300 just after my sponsorship was cut in half, God put it on IHS’s heart to pay for my hearing aid and I was sponsored for 6-months to replace what was cut back!  
After a six-month wait and finally driving back to JBay with my visa in hand, God downloaded in my mind a new vision to build a much needed COMMUNITY CENTER in the townships. I’ll explain more about this in my next newsletter. I am in awe of what God can do and am excited to see what’s going to happen in 2015!! New life comes out of the fire
South Africa

Klipdrif Christmas Party!

 Two years ago, a team from Evangel Church came out to renovate an old farm school called Klipdrif School. For years this school has been practically invisible while dedicated teachers travel an hour each way to give these children a good education.  Murray wanted this Christmas to be special for
So often these farm children are forgotten and these dedicated teachers not acknowledged but they are always in our hearts…  these kids. She dressed up in a clown suit, the kids were given decorated cupcakes and gift bags (thanks to Linda, Tracy and Janny), we all did face painting, and Mavis and Gloria really got the kids singing their Afrikaans songs. Janny, who is new from Holland, crocheted flower hair pins for the girls that were a big hit.  These teachers have really made this an impressive school.  They offer quality education, a safe and loving environment, a home cooked meal and often counsel the children and their families.  As well, I noticed the renovations that the Evangel Team had done are holding up very well! Everything still looks brand new except the ceilings will need to eventually be replaced due to some roof leaks.  Thank you to two special people who donated money that pays towards a year’s salary for Teacher Maury as she volunteers her time.

A new start Since 2009, it has been on my heart to teach the Word of God in a visual way, starting with the African people and eventually to other nations. Many people have been a part of this vision and it has been a lot of work to write the Manual as well as script and film this Series.
After many discussions with our Production Company, Rooftop, we realized that by trying to cut costs, we were limiting the potential of this Dvd Series. Rooftop asked to be more involved throughout the process so they are rewriting the scripts, will cast and hire the actors, film and edit the Series.
Debbie and I are providing the teaching points to base the scripts on, giving input
throughout the scripting revisions and will be a part of the casting and filming process. We realized we needed more professional input and are grateful that Rooftop is dedicated to make this a quality and effective teaching tool. They are not just providing production services – their hearts are just as involved as ours to make sure that this Series is relevant and accurate in its teachings.  
Scripts and filming The scripts are almost finalized and we will be filming all six dvds at once, probably May/June, 2015.  
Costs Because Rooftop is significantly involved, the costs have increased to an additional $30,000 to complete the series. This was not an easy decision. I want with all my heart to be a good steward of what God has supplied and people have entrusted us with. We have benefited and learned from the work that we have already done. We also realized that it will cost money to have an attention-grabbing storyline with convincing actors so we will be hiring professional actors. If anyone is interested in donating towards this series, please let me know. We are also fund-raising in South Africa.  
We believe this will be a valuable investment and will bear much fruit when the series is completed and we can start teaching this much-needed course.  
Thank you to all who have been a part of this huge project.
New Life Series A complete overhaul: new scripts, new filming, new actors


Do you remember when we gave Richard, who was in prison for 52 years, a Wendy House to live in? We helped him get back on his feet by walking him through the process to get his SA ID and pension grant, giving food parcels and clothing and lots of encouragement along the way.  
Well, we didn’t see Richard as much once he achieved independent living, only to find out a month later that he was robbed of his grant money and took someone’s advice to go to a loan shark. We knew he couldn’t read or write and would not have a clue that he was paying 30% interest. Gloria and I explained everything to Richard and he agreed for us to close his loan shark account. Richard now lives with his brother in another city, is involved with a church there and is very happy with his new life.  Actually, we’ve helped many people who have fallen victim to these loan sharks as many are not educated and don’t understand money matters. So we had this Wendy House and asked God to show us who to give it to. Eugenia came to mind. She was a young lady who we have been mentoring this year who came to us to help her attain an ID and get her son back. Eugenia had been ostracized from her family because of her drinking problem, and no one would even help her get an ID. Throughout the year we have seen Eugenia change her life around and we are so proud of her, she’s like my daughter. She has remained alcohol free, got her ID and child grant, she’s raising her son and now looking for work. We couldn’t have a better family in this Wendy House! Thank you for all of your prayers – they are being answered, one life at a time!

Thank you all for your faithfulness through all these years, for your financial giving, for your friendship and for your prayers! Lots of love, Becky