Ukraine home update

May 20, 2014

The search is over – invest in the future ‘forever home for orphans’ of Arkadiy and Leanne Barvinsky!!

As the final steps in taking in our third orphan Keera conclude – we have found our future ‘forever’ home for the children. We have searched, prayed and asked God to provide a place where we can grow, add to our existing family and raise these beautiful children. Even though times in Ukraine are uncertain we have been advised by reliable sources that it is an opportune time to buy here. The house we have found is our dream, there are two entrances into the house, one side of the house has its own kitchen, bathroom/toilet, living room, and bedroom. As you enter the main entrance to the house there is a sitting room, a big corridor, a bedroom (or office), a huge open kitchen with a space for a big table and chairs, a fireplace and room for a couch, a bathroom and toilet. A finished basement that has cold storage room, plus a big room that can be a play area for the children, another room for a bedroom, plenty of storage, the utility room, where there is room for drying clothes. It’s not done – there’s an upstairs – two big bedrooms with room for at least four sleeping spaces in each, a smaller room as well as the master bedroom. Plus there is a toilet and shower on this floor. The outside is beautiful too – there is a garage, plus a parking pad for another car – just need to complete it with an overhang to cover the area. There are fruit trees and grape vines on the property, a place for a bbq and eating outside, a small garden area, plus lots of running around room for the children. Under the house there is storage area for the outside things (bikes, toys, etc.). There is secure fencing around the property. The neighbors are his relatives. The street is quiet, in front of the house there is a treed area with no present plans for developing. Still within walking distance from school, not far from the church.

The cost of the house is $200,000 US – in reality the house is worth a whole lot more. The construction of the house is excellent quality. This house takes into consideration our ‘growing as a forever family’. It’s ready to move into. God has provided us with $52,000 Canadian.

The other houses we have seen have cost less but with renovations/additions the end costs are practically the same. We previously presented buying a piece of property and building – we would have to go out of our city to a place where the infrastructure isn’t like Irpin, the kids would have to start in a new school. In case of medical needs (for Keera doctor visits will be regularly needed) and other ministry that we do we would have to drive to Kiev and Irpin. We would end up saving money on the house but spending it on gas and time to do all our other things as a family. Jenny and Zhenya have already started with youth groups, soccer and other events at church. Now after looking at other options and praying for direction we believe this option isn’t in our best interests.

We are walking by faith on this whole journey God has for us – the stressful economy, raising cost of living, the unpredictable future. We believe that God has us here for this time, this season, we know that HE has it under HIS control. So we ask that you pray for the situation in Ukraine for peace, for a future for the country of Ukraine. Pray for how God will lead you to invest in its future, in the protection of orphans and families at risk. When we look at the path that God has us on we see how HE has provided for HIS family, HIS children and we are so blessed by being HIS hands and feet in this journey. We are so thankful for those who have invested in the KINGDOM and in lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love from Ukraine

Leanne Arkadiy Jenny Zhenya and Keera….plus …….